International Contracts

Contract relationships are increasingly established across borders.

With extensive experience of working with international contracts, I can support you with reviewing, drafting, and negotiating different types of contracts, including:

  • Drafting new agreement templates.
  • Reviewing existing agreement templates, either the material content, the wording used (to e.g. improve clarity and consistency), or both.
  • Reviewing agreements and redlining them as part of a written negotiation.
  • Support and participate in contract negotiations.
  • Training in specific topics, for example NDAs.

Contracts are often complex, containing unnecessary complex language and structure. My focus is to ensure that contracts are easy to understand for both parties, being an efficient and effective tool for regulating the relationship.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like my support with international contracts.

I have published some LinkedIn articles regarding key topics to be aware of with different types or aspects of international contracts: