Procurement is often not given the same focus as sales, even though there are huge potentials for both cost improvements and value creation by establishing an efficient and effective procurement function.

Contracts are in the heart of supplier relationship, but the contract is only the starting point. Professional procurement starts with creating a strategy and by segmenting the supplier base to ensure that your resources are used in an optimal manner. With correct supplier segmentation, it is easier to decide for example with what suppliers you should develop a partnership.

While spend is an important measurement for focusing on cost improvements, other risks and opportunities are increasingly important to ensure compliance, risk mitigation and increased benefits like innovation.

I am experienced in procurement, handling global supply networks in a strategic global team, and I can support you within a range of topics, including:

  • Mapping of risks in your supplier base.
  • Supplier segmentation, with focus on not only spend, but also risk.
  • Supplier relationship management (SRM), with the focus of becoming a customer of choice.
  • Practical support, for example contract negotiations and price negotiations.